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Re: [registrars] Registrar NC Elections : residence or citizenship

I'm not too sure that the geographic diversity requirements are even
enforceable to the degree that was implied behind their original

To give you an idea...

a) I work for and represent on these groups a US company
b) I am a Canadian resident/citizen
c) my constituents are global in nature, but are largely non-American
(North, not U.S. <g>)

So with those variables in mind - what geographic region should I be
representing if elected to the NC?

I would prefer option C, but that is extremely difficult to manage from
anyone's point of view.

Regardless, on this basis, I am left with in a position where it is in our
(TUCOWS) best interests to support a petition for waiver. As a result, I
would like to move to put to vote a request to ask the ICANN board for a
waiver from the citizenship geographic diversity requirement.

Ross Wm. Rader

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From: Michael D. Palage <mpalage@infonetworks.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 13, 1999 10:45 AM
Subject: [registrars] Registrar NC Elections : residence or citizenship

> Please read this e-mail carefully since the residence/citizenship debate
> must be resolved prior to holding our elections.
> I personally agree that residence is the better litmus test in determining
> the ability of a representative to represent a constituency. However,
> on what I heard from Esther in Santiago (and correct me if I am wrong
> :) ) the ICANN Board is going to closely scrutinize any request for a
> waiver, i.e. although possible not probable.
> I support the great job that Richard has done for the constituency and his
> Asian/Pacific constituents. However, I feel that it is necessary to have a
> definitive thumbs up or thumbs down from the ICANN Board before proceeding
> with the vote. Sorry guys but my already limited resources cannot be
> stretched further by having multiple elections. In response to the IP
> constituency's comment on what would happen if they failed to meet the
> geographic diversity requirements without an approve waiver, I believe
> Esther's comments (and correct me if I am wrong) was something to the
> that the elections would not be deemed invalid/not recognized.
> Although some may argue that I am mixing apples with oranges, the
> residence/citizen waiver versus the Intellectual Property constituency
> geographic diversity waiver, I believe that a waiver on membership
> is just that - a waiver. And I believe the ICANN board is very caution
> starting forward on a  slippery slope of waivers.
> On an administrative note:  Do I have a motion to put to vote a request to
> ask the ICANN board for a waiver from the citizenship geographic diversity
> requirement?  Do I have a second?
> Because the Votebot is still not operational (Dan and Elizabeth are
> furiously together to get it up and operational) we will have to do this
> old fashion way. If the motion passes and we decide to vote I request that
> the votes be sent to the list since I might miss them along with the 100+
> e-mails I receive on a daily basis.
> I eagerly await the Board's response to our petition waiver.
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage