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[registrars] Registrar NC Elections : residence or citizenship

Please read this e-mail carefully since the residence/citizenship debate
must be resolved prior to holding our elections.

I personally agree that residence is the better litmus test in determining
the ability of a representative to represent a constituency. However, based
on what I heard from Esther in Santiago (and correct me if I am wrong Esther
:) ) the ICANN Board is going to closely scrutinize any request for a
waiver, i.e. although possible not probable.

I support the great job that Richard has done for the constituency and his
Asian/Pacific constituents. However, I feel that it is necessary to have a
definitive thumbs up or thumbs down from the ICANN Board before proceeding
with the vote. Sorry guys but my already limited resources cannot be
stretched further by having multiple elections. In response to the IP
constituency's comment on what would happen if they failed to meet the
geographic diversity requirements without an approve waiver, I believe
Esther's comments (and correct me if I am wrong) was something to the point
that the elections would not be deemed invalid/not recognized.

Although some may argue that I am mixing apples with oranges, the registrar
residence/citizen waiver versus the Intellectual Property constituency
geographic diversity waiver, I believe that a waiver on membership criteria
is just that - a waiver. And I believe the ICANN board is very caution about
starting forward on a  slippery slope of waivers.

On an administrative note:  Do I have a motion to put to vote a request to
ask the ICANN board for a waiver from the citizenship geographic diversity
requirement?  Do I have a second?

Because the Votebot is still not operational (Dan and Elizabeth are working
furiously together to get it up and operational) we will have to do this the
old fashion way. If the motion passes and we decide to vote I request that
the votes be sent to the list since I might miss them along with the 100+
e-mails I receive on a daily basis.

I eagerly await the Board's response to our petition waiver.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage