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[registrars] Re: Misleading Press release.


I have already responded to your inquiry via a private mail.
I believe your translation is inaccurate.  Feel free to forward
my response to the lists if you think it is necessary.

The only point you might view as misleading (but is accurate)
is that  perhaps the press guys that wrote various articles chose
to not include Australia in Asia, as Australia is a continent of its own.
Given that, interQ was the first ICANN accredited registrar in
the continent of Asia, and the only one announced in the first
ICANN press release.

PSI-Japan was mentioned in many of the reports as well.


"Robert F. Connelly" wrote:

> At 18:53 13-09-1999 +0900, Richard Lindsay wrote:
> >  I would like to ask though why you have chosen to copy
> >your first inquiry to so many mailing lists that as far as I
> >believe should not have to be bothered by this?
> I guess because your firm released the misleading and incorrect information
> to the world, leaving the wrong impression with our mutual client base in
> Japan.

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