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Re: [registrars] Registrar NC Elections : residence or citizenship

"Michael D. Palage" wrote:
> Please read this e-mail carefully since the residence/citizenship debate
> must be resolved prior to holding our elections.

I agree only partially. It is necessary to solve that befo3e the end
of the eletoral process, but I think that we should start ASAPthe
nomination process, which is independnet of the geographical diversity
requirment. This is done ex post.

Do we have a schdule for this rpocess? do we believe that one seond is
enough? (btw, I would susggest that candidates who have not confirmed
to you their accpetance are not put in the final ballot)
> On an administrative note:  Do I have a motion to put to vote a request to
> ask the ICANN board for a waiver from the citizenship geographic diversity
> requirement?  Do I have a second?
I dpn't know whether we are already voting, but you had my motion, and
BobC second. And now my affirmative vote ;-=