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[registrars] An invitation to warehouse and cybersquat.

Dear Friends in NTIA:

Last week, we received the following unique NSI invitation to warehouse and 
cybersquat "on the cuff":

If you register ten or more domain names per month, you could be eligible 
for Network Solutions' Affiliates or Business Account Programs. Under these 
programs, you may qualify to continue receiving invoices for domain name 
registrations.  To be eligible, you must apply at 
http://www.netsol.com/affiliates or http://www.netsol.com/business_account.

end quote:

PSI-Japan and PSI-USA have delayed implementing their options as a "post 
testbed ICANN accredited Registrars".  There are several reasons for our 
delay.  Let me see if I can put record them there from memory:

1. We are at a great disadvantage because we must pay "cash on the barrel 
head" to the NSI RegistrY while the NSI RegistraR let's registrants 
register "on the cuff".  We thought the recent announcement to the contrary 
was for real, but had not thought about the implications of the quotation, 

2. The US$100,000 bond, while "doable", is excessive.

3. The $9.00/year charge is excessive.

4. The two year payment for transfer to a new Registrar is inappropriate.

5. It is apparent that the testbed registrars and the small number of post 
testbed registrars who have take up their option are having serious 
technical problems.  We are not particularly interested in being one of the 
guinea pigs.

I'm sure there are other inequities but they have not come to mind in the 
24 hours since I started drafting this note.

Thanks for your good work and, as we say in Japan, "Gambate kudasai", 
loosely translated to "Hang in there" or "Fight on, Never give up" (in 
Japanese "Faito ohn, neba gibu apu")

Regards, BobC

"A hog seldom dies a natural death."
Ulric B. Bray
(Anyone for bacon?)