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Re: [registrars] NC representatives

At 18:20 06-08-99 +0900, Richard Lindsay wrote:
>While we did have elections, these were meant to be for the
>preliminary Names Council (or the transition period NC.)  I would
>like to ask the group whether or not they feel we should have
>new elections, despite the fact that we are still in the testbed
>phase?  I personally feel that Ken and Amadeu are doing a fine
>job, and I hope that I have been as able as they are, to represent
>your interests.  However, I do feel that we should address this
>issue, as it will likely be brought up during the Santiago

Dear Richard:

I think the three of you are doing good jobs.  I recommend delaying the new 


"It doesn't do any good to run
if you don't start on time!"
Rev. Bruce Jones