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Re: [registrars] NC representatives

Hello Ivan,

I don't know your exact past with CORE, so do not tend
to get involved when you respond with what seems to me a
fairly strong anti-CORE sentiment.  However, from my 
current perspective, I do not think your response is accurate,
so thought I would give you my perspective.

> Here we go. So, we have the two main CORE activists 'representing' us on the
> Names Council. We 'elected' them for an interim period. CORE benefits from
> the endless extension of the 'Testbed'.

I personally  don't think that anyone is benefiting from the 
extension of the testbed... with the exception perhaps of NSI.

> Personally, I have had no 'representation' or feedback from Ken or Amadeu. I
> have no idea what is going on in the NC. There has been no discussion of
> Registrar Constituency business.

There hasn't been a lot of "Constituency" business, I agree.  I think
most of us are extremely preoccupied with the Registrar part of
things.  I have attempted to provide advance notice of NC teleconferences
and agenda, and related information about the Working Groups.  If you 
are not already on the ga mailing list, and the announce list,
I would encourage you to subscribe, as this is where most of the
information is posted.

While you may not feel as if you are being represented, I believe
both Ken and Amadeu have been working very hard to bring pressure
on the US Government and NSI to even the playing ground with regard
to the Registrar-Registry relationship.  I will forward Ken's statement
to the US Government (I am trying to find it...) I think it is
very clear he is attempting to bring our voice to the forefront,
and if it were not for the Coalition for Domain Name Registrars 
it is very likely the entire ICANN process would be stalled.

> You argument that the interim election was based on the 'assumption that
> there would be many new Registrars' is not accurate. How can it be. The
> Registrar constituency comprises all pre-accredited Registrars, so the pool
> is as big as it is going to be in the near future.

I am not sure I understand this.  The Registrar Constituency at
its formation consisted of all testbed and post-testbed ICANN
accredited Registrars.  The assumption was, that after the completion
of the testbed, and the refining of the contractual requirements,
many new "potential" registrars, would apply to be accredited in the
immediate period following.  So in the 3 months after the whole 
SRS system was operational and the ICANN accreditation process
was finalized, many new Registrars would join.  Maybe not 1000's
but probably more than the 50 or so current Registrars.  (This
was the assumption.)

> I think it would be wrong to allow the Registrar constituency to go forward
> with these two representatives unchallenged.

Hmmm.  The reason I asked the question, was because there really
haven't been a large increase of members of the Registrar Constituency.
I know Michael Palage has been contacting all the newly accredited
registrars when they are announced by ICANN, but there aren't that
many new members.  Thus the overall number of Registrars - that
would be parties that vote - has not really changed.  We would 
be having an election with basically the same voters, within
the space of a few months.

> I call for elections before the end of the 90 day period. More than that,
> lets have an actual discussion of what we are doing and what we want from
> the process.

I certainly don't mind having another election, this time with
a fully automated system (the votebot or similar.)  Further I
would be extremely happy to see some more discussion on this list.
However we can have discussions without having to have elections :-)

> Further, I will stand for election in order to allow full and open
> discussion.

I think the full and open discussion can be held on this list,
and on the General Assembly.  As far as I know there is not any
impediment - with the exception that we are ALL extremely busy -
to full and open discussion.

Anyway, it is Friday evening - as we say in Japan - it's Asahi time!

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