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Re: [registrars] NC representatives

At 12:07 06-08-99 +0200, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
>For one thing, I was a bit frustrated that only Ken and I apllied to the WG A.
>that obnly Michael plage applied for wg n and that only a handfull of
>registrars /you, Paul, ken, Miahcel and myself, if i am not mistaken) have
>applied for WGC. And, to say the least, not all of them/ua are so actively 

Dear Amadeu:

Jonathan Cohen *pled* for more participation in wg-a during the NC meeting 
in San Jose.  At the 15:00 break, I told Jonathan that's I'd be glad to 
help.  He never wrote.

Ken recently asked for participation in wg-c and I joined it.  I also got 
Professor Doi, Japan's foremost authority on trademark and copyright law, 
to join wg-b.  I introduced Prof. Doi to Jonathan, who advised that wg-a 
had completed its report.  He apologized for not including me.  He invited 
Prof. Doi and me to join wg-b.

Personal regards,
BobC, who thinks that Ivan's complaints are out of order.  If he wanted to 
be active, he should have gotten to the Berlin meeting before it was half 
over.  He's the perpetual weeper.

"It doesn't do any good to run
if you don't start on time!"
Rev. Bruce Jones