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[registrars] NC representatives

Fellow Registrars,

For those of you who were around in the beginning, we had
originally agreed to a schedule of new elections of Names
Council representatives from the Registrar Constituency,
90 days after the completion of the testbed.  This was based
on the assumption that there would be many new Registrars
once the testing was completed, and many of the hurdles to
becoming operational were removed.  With many more members,
it would make sense to hold new elections to make sure that
the much larger constituency had broad representation.

Now that we are on our 2nd extension (to be once again
extended?) this schedule has obviously been pushed back
quite a bit.  There is now pressure on ICANN to have the
Supporting Organization elected ICANN directors in place in a 
very short period of time.  In order for this to happen,
the preliminary Names Council, should become the Names
Council by putting in fully elected representatives.  (Some
of the constituencies did not have elections, but simply
selected candidates.)

While we did have elections, these were meant to be for the
preliminary Names Council (or the transition period NC.)  I would 
like to ask the group whether or not they feel we should have
new elections, despite the fact that we are still in the testbed
phase?  I personally feel that Ken and Amadeu are doing a fine
job, and I hope that I have been as able as they are, to represent
your interests.  However, I do feel that we should address this
issue, as it will likely be brought up during the Santiago

Best regards,

PS - is the testbed over???
_/_/_/interQ Incorporated
_/_/_/System Division
_/_/_/Director and General Manager
_/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay