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Re: [registrars] Is this going to far or what??

At 20:09 28-06-99 +0200, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:

>On the concrete topic, I am not vey much inclined to write anyithing a a US
>Senaotr. At least individually, as I am neigther a US citizen nor a US
>resident. But...

Dear Amadeu:

That was *my* point, U.S. voters (not residents) should write their 
Senators and Representatives.  Also, firms domiciled in the districts of 
those legislators (Congressmen -- or is it Congresspersons?) should take an 
active part in communicating with their voting "persons".

Jane, Duane and I can do that since we vote in the States.  I don't think 
Ross can, but he can sure help out by drafting letters.   I see he's in 
Canada, but *could* be a U.S. citizen.

What you do with DG-IV is probably even more important, but let's also 
encourage our members to educate their legislators.


'Ome is where my