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[registrars] Testbed period?

Esther, Becky,

It is already June 25th this part of the world. We at Nominalia as I guess the
rest of "selected-to-be-accredited" registrars for the post-testbed period
have not received any indication that we are supposed to sign the final
accreditation agreement with ICANN or the new verion (sic) of the NSI Licnece
agreement and therefore be able to "go live" (or try to) "TODAY". We assume
therefore that the testbed period has been de facto extended, or in any case,
that the post-testbed period is NOT starting today.

Even if we all are learned with fast minds, so we all are able to make this
kind of assumptions, we would very much appreciate any indication of what is
likley to happen, or what is not. Official if possible, but any unofficial
statement would be better than having all of us "guessing by reading the calendar".

As you know, I m contrary to any extension of the testbed period. Indeed we
are far behind schedule in regard to the test results, but eveyone seems to
agree that no more than 35% of the delays have been caused by technical
issues, while the rest is due tl legal and "policy" issues. A power game, in
other words. If this assumption is true, letting more registras in would help
more than harm, s it would bring some added balance to the "power game"
referred above. Specially since some, if not most, the testbed registrars
don't seem to be that interested in fighting that battle, at least form our
persepctive (and I apologize for the warlike language, but I think it gives a
good picture of what is apparently happening).

Indeed, we also would like knowing if there is a prevision abut when will be
able to see the final (?!?) version of the NSI/Registrr License agreement.
Nominalia is not prepared to sign it in its current version ,as some other
"selected-...-registrars" have also expressed. But even if we don't have what
in fornt of us what the Department of Commerce and NSI are supposed to
re-negotiate on the table, it would be a wise move, in our opinion, to let in
all thos ewilling to give it a try. It certainly would not turn the current
situation into worse.....

Looking forward to heraing form you, I wish you both, Esther and Becky, all
the best.

Amadeu Abril i Abril
Legal & Policy Advisor