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[registrars] Names CXouncil meeting- webcast

Hi all,

Today the NC is holding a meeting in San Hose, Caliofrnia.

There are tow parts,a so-called "administrative" one (time schedules; WGs etc)
and an open meeting.

Everyone will be able to attend (technolgoy permitting) thanks to the Real
Audio webcasting provided by the Berkman Center. An e-mail for input will also
be available.

Toy will find the details below. I advise you to check the website for
lst-minute deveopments.

Best regards,


PS: Richard Lindsay will physically attend the meeting, while Ken and I will
join the teleconf. I hope to stand the four hours on the phone, despite the
less-than-perfect time for the Europeans... ;-)


> The meeting will take place in room B1 of the McEnery 
> Convention Center in San Jose, California, and it
> will be webcast by the Berkman center.
> Live RealAudio feed will be available from 
>      http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/dnso/.
> shortly before the meeting begins, and will allow
> inexpensive participation.
> If you wish send comments or questions during the meeting,
> please write to webmaster@dnso.org
> See http://www.dnso.org/dnso/calendardnso.html
> for agenda and any additional information.
> The NC meeting time is:
>      2:00 p.m. until  6:00 p.m. Pacific     (25 June)
>  or  5:00 p.m. until  9:00 p.m. Eastern     (25 June)
>  or 23:00      until  3:00 Central European (25 June, ending 26 June)
>  or  6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. Japan       (26 June)*