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Re: [registrars] End of Testbed? (VoiceReply)

At 00:00 24-06-99 -0400, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:
>Thanks for your comments. Actually, AT&T's commentary closely mirrors our
>original preliminary comments. We expect to release our final public
>commentary this Friday, although I have ensured that the powers that be
>already have the document in hand.
>I can only hope that NSI does get cut off this Friday, but the pessimist in
>me can't agree unfortunately. They have far too much invested and too many
>people in their pockets to let this slide.

Dear Ross:  I'm at INET99.  Word is a three weeks extension to NSI. BobC

>When I get into the office this morning, I will be sure to pass along a
>prerelease version of our comments for your perusal. Enjoy yourself at the
>ISOC meeting.
>Ross Wm. Rader
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