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Re: [registrars] Testbed period?

At 19:09 27-06-99 -0400, Cherie Stubbs wrote:
>hello bob..
>unfortunately i tried to get on earlier but the phone ports were busy (i
>believe we only had a limited # of ports). also the phone connections were
>so poor that about 50 % of the time i could not hear what was said. that is
>why i kept asking people to repeat themselves.
>the real audio coverage was a commendable effort but was running 20-30
>seconds behind so it was quite difficult to listen to real audio then try to
>react on the phone. unfortunately because of the fact that the registrar
>constituancy only finished its election a short while ago it was not
>possible for me to go to san jose as i had already made arrangments to go to
>washington to discuss " testbed" and "post testbed" registrar concerns with
>key "governmental people"  .
>i believe that if you check the minutes you will find that we did not lose
>that vote you were referring to..

Dear Ken:  I thought I was careful to say we did not lose it.  But I was 
shocked when you first abstained.  At that point, with others also 
ambivalent or confused, it sounded as though we had lost.  But Michael 
called for a recount, you asked for an explanation, and it came out 
alright, but with little margin.  Let's see what the minutes say when they 
come out.

I was primarily saying it was a good thing that Richard was there.  He did 
a good job.  Perhaps I should not have expanded upon my original text, but 
there were good lessons to learn;-}

A snail was run over by a turtle.
When asked, "What happened?", he said,
"It happened so fast, I can't remember".