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Re: [registrars] Is this going to far or what??

Robert F. Connelly wrote:
> At 11:47 28-06-99 -0400, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:
> >Len and I have had some discussions on this in the past.
> >
> >Although there has been limited feedback from the rest of the constituency
> >concerning a public information campaign, we (TUCOWS) are fully prepared to
> >take part in the process. I believe that the big question is what level of
> >activism does ICANN and the DNSO deem appropriate for our constituency.
> >Obviously there will need to be a high level of cooperation and coordination
> >between the various groups to ensure that our efforts are not working at
> >cross purposes.


I would like pointing out that this does not NEED to be a Constituency
activity. In fact as a Consituency we are syooised to participate in the DNSO
process, channelling the registrars interests. But the Consituency is not,
cannot be, a Trade Association or a guild.

I mean that, whether Nominalia and myself welcomes, encourages and offers help
in any such activity, and also considrs that all consutency members have to be
kept informed, it is not a consituency activity as such. We don't need to
provide docs "on the consituency behalf" on this topic, even if the RTegistrar
program is indeed one of the most importnat topics for the DNSO as a whole.

Bottom line: let's move forward; let's keep everyone informed; let's not wait
for everyone's opinion before acting.

On the concrete topic, I am not vey much inclined to write anyithing a a US
Senaotr. At least individually, as I am neigther a YS citizen nor a US
residnet. But...

Next Monday there is a EU meeting on the whole ICANN process, a meeting of the
so-called "EC Panel of Participants", a gathering of the EU industry born last
year after the White Ppaer. Five Names Council mmebers will e there (including
myself). We will "certainly" devote some time and try to pass some
"resolution" on US Congress rumoured activity. With an attahced list of
well-known companies and organisations. This is what "we" can do on this issue.

best regards,