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Re: [registrars] Is this going to far or what??

At 11:47 28-06-99 -0400, Ross Wm. Rader wrote:
>Len and I have had some discussions on this in the past.
>Although there has been limited feedback from the rest of the constituency
>concerning a public information campaign, we (TUCOWS) are fully prepared to
>take part in the process. I believe that the big question is what level of
>activism does ICANN and the DNSO deem appropriate for our constituency.
>Obviously there will need to be a high level of cooperation and coordination
>between the various groups to ensure that our efforts are not working at
>cross purposes.

Dear Ross:

What is needed is for U.S. nationals *in the U.S.* (or with voting 
addresses in the U.S., like Jane, Duane and I) to write to our Senators and 
Representative stating that we fully support and endorse the transfer of 
authority from the USG to ICANN.  We need to neutralize the efforts of 
Representative Bliley.


>Does anyone have any idea what our next step should be to organize this?