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RE: [registrars] Is this going to far or what??


I believe that your sentiments are correct and the registrars should
organize in order to present a different perspective (less prosecutorial) on
this process.  Perhaps this should be done through the Registrar
Constituency of the DNSO?

Richard Forman

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> Hi,
> 	Has anybody read this???

	This is unbelievable paranoia...  It's amazing the amount of
misinformation that people will fall for!

	If everyone wants to meet here in SLC at the tattoo shop we can
start with the "666's" on or forehead.

	We really need to organize and get the truth out there or this
campaign, sponsored by who knows..., will tie ICANN and the DOC up so
much that all the resources, that we need, will be used elsewhere.

	I think we need to do the following:

		1. Gather our issues.  (I believe this is happening.  right?)

		2. I think this may be important enough to justify a
                   conference call.  We at least need to get more
                   dialog going.

                3. It's important to know who is with us and who is not.
                   If you/your company supports the ICANN model then
                   we need to make a public statement.

                4. Write and call the DOC, House, and Senate.

                5. Consider the possibility of having a public press

	Maybe I'm out of line or clue less.  But if I'm not this is a
huge campaign to discredit ICANN and the entire open Registry model.

	Feel free to email me privately if you wish.

Len Bayles
Project Manager All West Registry
All West Communications