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[registrars] Representative Thomas J. Bliley, Jr

Dear Colleagues:

Here's a bit of information on Representative Thomas J. Bliley, Jr.

He's a Republican from the 7th District of Virginia.  He's in his tenth 
term.  TEL: 202-225-2815, FAX: 202-225-0011.

Born 28 January 1932, Chesterfield County (presumably in Virginia), Roman 
Catholic, BA Georgetown University 1952 (must be bright to graduate with a 
four year degree at age 20 --- and then go right into the Navy), US Navy 
1952-1955;  Profession, Funeral Director;  Wife, Mary Virginia (really 
stuck on Virginia, it would appear;-)

Administrative Aid and Appointments: Linda Pedigo
Legislative Director and Press: Bill Dolbow.

Committees: Commerce (Chair)
District Offices:  Richmond, VA and Culpeper.
Email:  tom.bliley@mail.house.gov
Website:  http://www.house.gov/bliley/
Map of District: http://www.house.gov/bliley/map.jpg

Other than that, he wears a bow tie.  Some people have an inborn feeling 
that they cannot trust anyone who wears a bow tie.  I've had good and bad 
experience with such folk.

Funeral Director?!?  Brilliant, out of High School at age 16, degree from 
prestigious Roman Catholic university --- and becomes a Funeral 
Director?  Hmmmm.