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Re: [registrars] Election Results

Michael D. Palage wrote:
> As a first vote I believe things went OK, but, I am of the opinion that
> there is much room for improvement :).  

Thanks, Michael. And you must get some help, as well ;-) In fact during the
next three months, besides the exciting testbed issue  and the WG on WIPO
report (none of them strcitly speaking Consituency issues, evn if affecting
our individual and collective lifes in a significant manner) we all will be
dealing wiuth exciting organisational issues, as the ones you mention in your
mail :-/

> It is my personal opinion that it is not in the group's best interest to
> engage in a prolonged squabble over this vote .  This is not meant to
> undermine the importance and formality of voting [..]

Indeed, but now we do have three months in fornt of us to develop such formal
processes, which only merit is helping avoiding squabble ;-)

> I apologize for the delay in processing these results, however, my wife went
> into premature labor last week.  Everything is ok she is on medication and
> bed rest.  The new and first addition to our family should be here by early
> July. The good news is that the baby will definitely not be late and I will
> be able to go to Santiago, Chili.

Hmm, I was not aware of this one. Do you want we start a contest to find
him/her a "name" We are all supposed to be name specialists (no , I am not
proposing Amadeu....).

BTW, thanks a ot for your trust and congratulations to Ken and RichardL as well.