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Re: [registrars] Election Results

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Ivan and all fellow Registrars,

> I don't want to challenge the results and I congratulate the reps. I'd like
> to point out that we now have CORE representing the entire Registrar
> constituency!
> I would like to make a plea that we have more discussion on this list
> regarding all the issues. That was an election with an absence of debate -
> not very healthy.

First of all, I appreciate your congratulations, and I pledge
to attempt to the best of my ability to represent the interests 
of our new and unique breed... 

Just for clarity purposes, while interQ is indeed a member of 
CORE, I am not a representative of CORE in any way shape or
form.  I would like to reassure anyone who has concerns, that
I will not be biased by any particular CORE slant, if there is
such a thing.  I think Bob Connely already pointed out all
the Asia Pacific Registrars were members of CORE...

However, I agree completely with you that there really wasn't
a lot of debate and discussion.  I urge everyone to pester the
Names Council reps with your requests and concerns, and to do
so in the open, on the list, where everyone can be included.
I welcome the input, as I certainly don't intend to do this
without feedback from our constituency.

Best Regards (from San Jose)

_/_/_/interQ Incorporated
_/_/_/System Division
_/_/_/Director and General Manager
_/_/_/Richard A. S. Lindsay