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[Fwd: [registrars] SRS registrations]

Ivan Pope wrote:
> I note that Register.com is registering thousands of names with the format:
> 00G.NET, 00I.NET, 00K.NET, 00M.NET, 00V.NET, 00Z.NET, 01D.NET, 01F.NET,
> 01H.NET, 01J.NET, 01L.NET, 01W.NET, (see below for one days (yesterday)
> entries).
> It seems that all the entries are for a very similar entity.
> The format is always:
> 88D.NET (88D2-DOM)     The Domain Name
> Cl 19 Of 201                   Looks to me like a database or spreadsheet
> entry:  Is that Column 19 of 201?
> Bogota, 00000                 Doesn't look like a Bogota postcode to me, but
> I may be wrong
> CO                                 Colombia
> Now these entries are made via the new SRS, we assume. I think in the spirit
> of the testbed it is incumbent on Register.com to explain how it is that a
> spurious entity can make hundreds (and believe me, there are tens of
> thousands) of these nonsense entries.
> Or are they test entries? Or are they paid for?
> And how do they get into the DNS.


It really looks like a test form this window. And I am not sure that tests can
be run by regsitrars on the real SRS... (besides the prepayment issue). I
would also knowing whether your assumption  that these regsitrations are made
thry the "new" SRS is correct..........


(I have deleted Esther, as she is subscribed to registrars@dnso.org,
domain-policy, as I am not subscribed, and an e-mail i was not able to recognize)