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[registrars] SRS registrations

I note that Register.com is registering thousands of names with the format:
00G.NET, 00I.NET, 00K.NET, 00M.NET, 00V.NET, 00Z.NET, 01D.NET, 01F.NET,
01H.NET, 01J.NET, 01L.NET, 01W.NET, (see below for one days (yesterday)
It seems that all the entries are for a very similar entity.

The format is always:
88D.NET (88D2-DOM)     The Domain Name      
Cl 19 Of 201                   Looks to me like a database or spreadsheet
entry:  Is that Column 19 of 201?
Bogota, 00000                 Doesn't look like a Bogota postcode to me, but
I may be wrong
CO                                 Colombia

Now these entries are made via the new SRS, we assume. I think in the spirit
of the testbed it is incumbent on Register.com to explain how it is that a
spurious entity can make hundreds (and believe me, there are tens of
thousands) of these nonsense entries. 
Or are they test entries? Or are they paid for?
And how do they get into the DNS.
Something is happening here that seems a bit dodgy.

                            88D.NET (88D2-DOM) 
                            Cl 19 Of 201 
                            Bogota, 00000 

                            Domain Name: 88D.NET 

                            Administrative Contact: 
                            domains, registro (RD8504)
                            (571) 812-1444 
                            Technical Contact, Zone Contact: 
                            Registrar, Internic (RI52-ORG)
                            Fax - 212-627-6477 

                            Billing Contact: 
                            domains, registro (RD8504)
                            (571) 812-1444 

                            Record last updated on 16-Jun-99. 
                            Record created on 16-Jun-99. 
                            Database last updated on 20-Jun-99 08:12:04 EDT.

67J.NET (67J2-DOM) 
                            Cl 19 Of 201 
                            Bogota, 00000 

                            40P.NET (40P-DOM) 
                            Cl 19 Of 201 
                            Bogota, 00000 
00G.NET, 00I.NET, 00K.NET, 00M.NET, 00V.NET, 00Z.NET, 01D.NET, 01F.NET,
01H.NET, 01J.NET, 01L.NET, 01W.NET, 01Y.NET, 02C.NET, 02E.NET, 02G.NET,
02I.NET, 02K.NET, 02V.NET, 02X.NET, 03B.NET, 03D.NET, 03F.NET, 03H.NET,
03U.NET, 03W.NET, 03Y.NET, 04A.NET, 04C.NET, 04E.NET, 04G.NET, 04P.NET,
04R.NET, 04T.NET, 04V.NET, 04X.NET, 05B.NET, 05D.NET, 05F.NET, 05O.NET,
05Q.NET, 05S.NET, 05U.NET, 05W.NET, 06A.NET, 06C.NET, 06E.NET, 06N.NET,
06P.NET, 06R.NET, 06T.NET, 06V.NET, 07B.NET, 07D.NET, 07M.NET, 07O.NET,
07Q.NET, 07S.NET, 08A.NET, 08C.NET, 08L.NET, 08N.NET, 08P.NET, 08R.NET,
09B.NET, 09K.NET, 09M.NET, 09O.NET, 09Q.NET, 09Z.NET, 10B.NET, 10D.NET,
10O.NET, 11A.NET, 11C.NET, 11N.NET, 11P.NET, 11R.NET, 13H.NET, 13J.NET,
13L.NET, 13N.NET, 13P.NET, 14G.NET, 14I.NET, 14M.NET, 14O.NET, 14Z.NET,
15F.NET, 15H.NET, 15J.NET, 15L.NET, 15Y.NET, 16E.NET, 16G.NET, 16I.NET,
16T.NET, 16V.NET, 16X.NET, 16Z.NET, 17D.NET, 17F.NET, 17H.NET, 17J.NET,
17S.NET, 17U.NET, 17W.NET, 17Y.NET, 18G.NET, 18I.NET, 18R.NET, 18T.NET,
18V.NET, 18Z.NET, 19D.NET, 19F.NET, 19H.NET, 19Q.NET, 19S.NET, 19U.NET,
19W.NET, 20D.NET, 20F.NET, 20H.NET, 20J.NET, 20U.NET, 20W.NET, 20Y.NET,
21A.NET, 21I.NET, 21T.NET, 21V.NET, 21X.NET, 22B.NET, 22D.NET, 22F.NET,
22H.NET, 22S.NET, 22U.NET, 22W.NET, 23A.NET, 23C.NET, 23E.NET, 23R.NET,
23T.NET, 23V.NET, 24B.NET, 24D.NET, 24M.NET, 24O.NET, 24Q.NET, 24S.NET,
25A.NET, 25C.NET, 25L.NET, 25N.NET, 25P.NET, 25R.NET, 25T.NET, 26B.NET,
26K.NET, 26M.NET, 26O.NET, 26Q.NET, 26S.NET, 27A.NET, 27J.NET, 27L.NET,
27N.NET, 27P.NET, 28I.NET, 28K.NET, 28M.NET, 28O.NET, 28X.NET, 28Z.NET,
29H.NET, 29J.NET, 29L.NET, 29N.NET, 29W.NET, 29Y.NET, 30L.NET, 30N.NET,
30P.NET, 30Y.NET, 31K.NET, 31M.NET, 31O.NET, 31X.NET, 31Z.NET, 32H.NET,
32J.NET, 32L.NET, 32N.NET, 32W.NET, 32Y.NET, 33E.NET, 33G.NET, 33K.NET,
33M.NET, 33X.NET, 33Z.NET, 34D.NET, 34F.NET, 34J.NET, 34L.NET, 34W.NET,
34Y.NET, 35C.NET, 35E.NET, 35G.NET, 35I.NET, 35V.NET, 35X.NET, 35Z.NET,
36B.NET, 36F.NET, 36H.NET, 36Q.NET, 36S.NET, 36U.NET, 36W.NET, 36Y.NET,
37A.NET, 37C.NET, 37E.NET, 37G.NET, 37P.NET, 37R.NET, 37T.NET, 37V.NET,
37X.NET, 38B.NET, 38F.NET, 38O.NET, 38Q.NET, 38S.NET, 38U.NET, 38W.NET,
39A.NET, 39C.NET, 39E.NET, 39N.NET, 39P.NET, 39R.NET, 39T.NET, 40A.NET,
40C.NET, 40E.NET, 40G.NET, 40P.NET, 40R.NET, 40T.NET, 40V.NET, 41B.NET,
41D.NET, 41F.NET, 41Q.NET, 41S.NET, 41U.NET, 42A.NET, 42E.NET, 42P.NET,
42R.NET, 42T.NET, 43B.NET, 43O.NET, 43Q.NET, 43S.NET, 44A.NET, 44J.NET,
44L.NET, 44N.NET, 44P.NET, 44R.NET, 45I.NET, 45K.NET, 45M.NET, 45O.NET,
45Q.NET, 46H.NET, 46J.NET, 46L.NET, 46N.NET, 46P.NET, 47G.NET, 47I.NET,
47K.NET, 47M.NET, 47Z.NET, 48F.NET, 48H.NET, 48J.NET, 48L.NET, 48U.NET,
48W.NET, 48Y.NET, 49E.NET, 49G.NET, 49I.NET, 49K.NET, 49T.NET, 49V.NET,
49X.NET, 49Z.NET, 50I.NET, 50K.NET, 50M.NET, 50V.NET, 50X.NET, 50Z.NET,
51H.NET, 51J.NET, 51L.NET, 51U.NET, 51W.NET, 51Y.NET, 52E.NET, 52G.NET,
52I.NET, 52K.NET, 52T.NET, 52V.NET, 52Z.NET, 53B.NET, 53D.NET, 53F.NET,
53H.NET, 53J.NET, 53U.NET, 53W.NET, 53Y.NET, 54A.NET, 54C.NET, 54G.NET,
54I.NET, 54T.NET, 54V.NET, 54X.NET, 55B.NET, 55D.NET, 55F.NET, 55S.NET,
55U.NET, 55W.NET, 56A.NET, 56C.NET, 56E.NET, 56N.NET, 56P.NET, 56R.NET,
56T.NET, 56V.NET, 57B.NET, 57D.NET, 57M.NET, 57O.NET, 57Q.NET, 57S.NET,
57U.NET, 58A.NET, 58C.NET, 58L.NET, 58N.NET, 58P.NET, 58R.NET, 58T.NET,
59B.NET, 59K.NET, 59M.NET, 59O.NET, 59Q.NET, 60B.NET, 60D.NET, 60M.NET,
60O.NET, 60Q.NET, 61A.NET, 61C.NET, 61L.NET, 61N.NET, 61P.NET, 61R.NET,
62B.NET, 62M.NET, 62O.NET, 62Q.NET, 62Z.NET, 63A.NET, 63L.NET, 63P.NET,
63Y.NET, 64G.NET, 64I.NET, 64M.NET, 64O.NET, 64X.NET, 64Z.NET, 65F.NET,
65H.NET, 65J.NET, 65L.NET, 65N.NET, 65Y.NET, 66E.NET, 66G.NET, 66K.NET,
66M.NET, 66X.NET, 66Z.NET, 67D.NET, 67F.NET, 67H.NET, 67J.NET, 67W.NET,
67Y.NET, 68C.NET, 68E.NET, 68G.NET, 68I.NET, 68R.NET, 68T.NET, 68V.NET,
68X.NET, 68Z.NET, 69B.NET, 69D.NET, 69F.NET, 69H.NET, 69Q.NET, 69S.NET,
69U.NET, 69W.NET, 69Y.NET, 70F.NET, 70H.NET, 70J.NET, 70U.NET, 70W.NET,
70Y.NET, 71E.NET, 71G.NET, 71I.NET, 71R.NET, 71T.NET, 71V.NET, 71X.NET,
72B.NET, 72D.NET, 72F.NET, 72H.NET, 72Q.NET, 72S.NET, 72W.NET, 73A.NET,
73C.NET, 73E.NET, 73G.NET, 73R.NET, 73T.NET, 73V.NET, 74B.NET, 74D.NET,
74F.NET, 74Q.NET, 74S.NET, 74U.NET, 75A.NET, 75C.NET, 75P.NET, 75R.NET,
75T.NET, 76B.NET, 76K.NET, 76M.NET, 76O.NET, 76Q.NET, 76S.NET, 77A.NET,
77J.NET, 77L.NET, 77N.NET, 77P.NET, 77R.NET, 78I.NET, 78K.NET, 78M.NET,
78O.NET, 78Q.NET, 79H.NET, 79J.NET, 79L.NET, 79N.NET, 79Y.NET, 80A.NET,
80J.NET, 80L.NET, 80N.NET, 80P.NET, 80Y.NET, 81I.NET, 81K.NET, 81M.NET,
81O.NET, 81X.NET, 81Z.NET, 82J.NET, 82L.NET, 82N.NET, 82W.NET, 82Y.NET,
83I.NET, 83K.NET, 83M.NET, 83V.NET, 83X.NET, 83Z.NET, 84D.NET, 84F.NET,
84H.NET, 84J.NET, 84L.NET, 84U.NET, 84W.NET, 85C.NET, 85E.NET, 85G.NET,
85I.NET, 85K.NET, 85V.NET, 85X.NET, 85Z.NET, 86B.NET, 86D.NET, 86H.NET,
86J.NET, 86U.NET, 86W.NET, 86Y.NET, 87C.NET, 87E.NET, 87G.NET, 87T.NET,
87V.NET, 87X.NET, 88B.NET, 88D.NET, 88F.NET, 88O.NET, 88Q.NET, 88S.NET,
88U.NET, 88W.NET, 89A.NET, 89C.NET, 89E.NET, 89N.NET, 89P.NET, 89R.NET,
89T.NET, 89V.NET, 90C.NET, 90E.NET, 90G.NET, 90P.NET, 90R.NET, 90T.NET,
90V.NET, 91B.NET, 91D.NET, 91F.NET, 91O.NET, 91Q.NET, 91S.NET, 91U.NET,
92A.NET, 92C.NET, 92E.NET, 92N.NET, 92P.NET, 92R.NET, 92T.NET, 93B.NET,
93D.NET, 93O.NET, 93Q.NET, 93S.NET, 94A.NET, 94C.NET, 94N.NET, 94P.NET,
94R.NET, 95M.NET, 95O.NET, 95Q.NET, 95Z.NET, 96H.NET, 96J.NET, 96L.NET,
96N.NET, 96P.NET, 96Y.NET, 97G.NET, 97I.NET, 97K.NET, 97M.NET, 97O.NET,
97Z.NET, 98F.NET, 98H.NET, 98J.NET, 98L.NET, 98N.NET, 98Y.NET, 99E.NET,
99G.NET, 99V.NET, 99Z.NET