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[icann-nominations] FW: Request for statement of acceptance

| > 1. Full name of the nominee: Joanna Lane
| > 2. E-mail address of the nominee: jo-uk@rcn.com
| > 3. Organization you work for (if apply): na
| > 4. Snail-mail address (street, city, country): PO Box 560 Island Park,
| York 11588
| > 5. The region that includes the country of which you are a citizen:
| > 6. The region that includes the country in which you reside: North
| > 7. A clear statement of acceptance of the nomination: I accept the
| > 8. If you are a Member of the Names Council, state your intention
| > to resign from the Names Council if you are elected to the
| > ICANN Board: na
| > 9. A Curriculum Vitae (no more than 500 words long):
| Born in Yorkshire, England, residing in the United States since 1999, with
| independently owned businesses in both the EU and the US.
| <snip - the full text of this CV is posted at
| http://www.internetstakeholders.com >
| Joanna has been actively involved in the internet since 1998 and
| participating in ICANN for over a year. In 2001, she launched
| InternetStakeholders.com with Co-founder and Webmaster Kendall Dawson. The
| website supports the work of the DNSO General Assembly.
| Together with co-author, William S. Lovell, Joanna has most recently been
| working on the Best Practices Initiative, an outline document, with its
| Principles, Definitions, and Flow Chart and its associated Timeline Guide,
| which is intended to set out a system that will provide the mechanism for
| achieving consensus within the DNSO.
| Best Practices Part I was published July 2001
| http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga-rules/Arc00/msg00263.html.
| Other works to be published shortly.
| > 10. A statement indicating your ideas, intentions and/or
| > the reason why you consider you should be elected to serve
| > in the ICANN Board (no more than 500 words):
| Under-representation of any group of affected stakeholders strikes at the
| very heart of public trust in the internet and undermines ICANNšs ability
| engage proper consensus building procedures that empower its policy
| coordination.
| As a team player, I will gladly represent the entire DNSO membership on
| Board, and as a European, have a particular interest in ccTLDs. At the
| time, I have and I will continue to stand for the people who are currently
| under-represented within this organization - including those who have
| months, and in some cases years, of effort trying to improve existing
| operations, only to witness their talents repeatedly crushed by those with
| vested interest in perpetuation of the status quo.
| To support the cause of individual domain name registrants/ owners/
| I have submitted a number of papers in recent months, and in particular,
| have advocated privacy rights on behalf of all individual domain name
| registrants in the 15 member nations of the European Union. Individuals
| adversely affected with respect to the Whois, also UDRP and Registrar
| transfers, amongst other issues, but this group does not have a
| constituency, or any vote in the policy recommendations passed to BoD
| through the NC and its Task Forces. It can be argued therefore that direct
| representation for individual registrants at the highest level is entirely
| appropriate, commensurate with any other group. A seat on the Board will
| nicely.
| When the DNSO undergoes structural change in due course, the people who
| an honest attempt to contribute something positive will still be here. I
| consider myself such a person. If you look towards the future, where fair
| play and proper consideration of all affected stakeholders is weighed
| heavily in any determination of policy, then your endorsement of my
| candidacy will not be misplaced. This is a vote for conscience.
| I am an active member of the various GA lists and happy to answer any
| questions you may have both publicly and privately. Any position
| I may make on specific issues over the coming days will be posted to
| http://www.internetstakeholders.com. I will also be posting a photo later
| the week to http://www.icannworld.org/joannalanecv.htm
| > 
| > 
| > The following URLs are related to the ICANN Board Director election
| > by the DNSO in 2001:
| > A. Main document: Description of the election process in 2001
| > http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-election.html
| > B. Procedure for nominations, acceptances and endorsements by the GA,
| > and calendar for 2001:
| > http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-nomination-proc.html
| > C. A list of nominations, acceptances and their endorsements ,
| > updated daily at:
| > http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-nominees.html
| > D. The NC voting procedure:
| > http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-voting-proc.html
| > 
| > Looking forward to hearing from you,
| > 
| > DNSO Secretariat
| > --

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