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[icann-nominations] acceptance - Joanna Lane

Title: [icann-nominations] acceptance - Joanna Lane
1. Full name of the nominee:

Joanna Lane

2. E-mail address of the nominee:


3. Organization you work for (if apply):

4. Snail-mail address (street, city, country):

PO Box 560
Island Park
New York 11588

5. The region that includes the country of which you are a citizen:


6. The region that includes the country in which you reside:

North America

7. A clear statement of acceptance of the nomination:

I accept the nomination

8. If you are a Member of the Names Council, state your intention  
to resign from the Names Council if you are elected to the ICANN Board:

9. A Curriculum Vitae (no more than 500 words long):

Born in Yorkshire, England, residing in the United States since 1999,
with independently owned businesses in both the EU and the US.

<snip - the full text of this CV is posted at http://www.internetstakeholders.com >

Joanna has been actively involved in the internet since 1998 and participating in ICANN for over a year.
In 2001, she launched InternetStakeholders.com with Co-founder and Webmaster Kendall Dawson.
The website supports the work of the DNSO General Assembly.

Together with co-author, William S. Lovell, Joanna has most recently been working on the Best Practices Initiative,
an outline document, with its Principles, Definitions, and Flow Chart and its associated Timeline Guide,
which is intended to set out a system that will provide the mechanism for achieving consensus within the DNSO.

Best Practices Part I was published July 2001 http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga-rules/Arc00/msg00263.html.
Other works to be published shortly.

10. A statement indicating your ideas, intentions and/or  the reason why you consider you should be elected to serve
 in the ICANN Board (no more than 500 words):

Under-representation of any group of affected stakeholders strikes at the very heart of public trust in the internet and undermines ICANNšs ability to engage proper consensus building procedures that empower its policy coordination.

As a team player, I will gladly represent the entire DNSO membership on the Board, and as a European, have a particular interest in ccTLDs. At the same time, I have and I will continue to stand for the people who are currently under-represented within this organization - including those who have spent months, and in some cases years, of effort trying to improve existing operations, only to witness their talents repeatedly crushed by those with a vested interest in perpetuation of the status quo.

To support the cause of individual domain name registrants/ owners/ holders, I have submitted a number of papers in recent months, and in particular, have advocated privacy rights on behalf of all individual domain name registrants in the 15 member nations of the European Union. Individuals are adversely affected with respect to the Whois, also UDRP and Registrar transfers, amongst other issues, but this group does not have a constituency, or any vote in the policy recommendations passed to BoD through the NC and its Task Forces. It can be argued therefore that direct representation for individual registrants at the highest level is entirely appropriate, commensurate with any other group. A seat on the Board will do nicely.

When the DNSO undergoes structural change in due course, the people who made an honest attempt to contribute something positive will still be here. I consider myself such a person. If you look towards the future, where fair play and proper consideration of all affected stakeholders is weighed heavily in any determination of policy, then your endorsement of my candidacy will not be misplaced.

This is a vote for conscience.

I am an active member of the various GA lists and happy to answer any questions you may have both publicly and privately. Any position statements I may make on specific issues over the coming days will be posted to http://www.internetstakeholders.com. I will also be posting a photo later in the week to http://www.icannworld.org/joannalanecv.htm

The following URLs are related to the ICANN Board Director election by the DNSO in 2001:
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and calendar for 2001:
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updated daily at:
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