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Re: [ga] Developing Nations/Whois

Eric and all assembly members,

Eric Dierker wrote:

> What you say on this thread is exactly why we refer to us as developing
> nations. Our process and due process and need over rights are being
> developed.  What you say is idealic in nature.

  I disagree wit your conclusion here Eric as to what I was saying.
Nothing idealic with basic human rights at all, all over the world.
My example of Afghanistan is just that, and example.  I said there
are many many more...  A couple of others of recent times would
be Bosnia, and South Africa...  And there are still many many more...

> Just as with our whois data bases being marketable, we must review the here
> and now and adjust not ignore it, and talk of what should be but rather what
> is.

  I agree.  And until ICANN came into being what is was and still is
that privacy in the WHOIS database as to a listing on a DN
did not require that a persons personal address or Phone # be listed
so as to make that WHOIS record accurate.  Perhaps you have
forgotten that small fact?

> I agree with you that these are not technical or even policy issues but are
> becoming basic human right issues.

  They are all the above Eric...

>  the right to be educated and have access
> to information is really becoming a human right, perhaps that is the best
> gift to come out of 911 and Afghanastan.
> Sincerely,
> eric


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