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[ga] ccNSO-AG update


The ccNSO Assistance Group has produced an update which contains
an interesting framework separating three dimensions of the 
ICANN--ccTLD relations:

-- functions (data entry function and name server function),
-- roles (policy definition, operation/implementation, holding
   responsible entity accountable)
-- levels (from the root to the second level)

They have also "an example to show the use the framework to describe 
the current state of affairs" based on a paper by Bart Boswinkel
and Jaap Akkerhuis from the .nl registry.

E.g. for the user's nameserver, the ccTLD manager and RFCs set
policies, the registrant operates it, the ccTLD manager is to
hold the registrant accountable.

I'm not sure in all cases about the accountability column in the
framework, but this approach at untangling seems a step in the
right direction. And of course, explicitly thinking about who is 
held accountable by whom is absolutely necessary.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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