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[ga] Re: [Monitor & Chair] Reminder and Final Warnings: Sims, Dierker, Field, Fleming

And you don't view Froomkin's attack on Jon Cohen as a personal attack?  Please, bar me from posting on this list so I am not tempted to further waste my time.

Joe Sims
Jones Day Reavis & Pogue
51 Louisiana Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
Direct Phone:  1.202.879.3863
Direct Fax:  1.202.626.1747
Mobile Phone:  1.703.629.3963

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-----"List monitor and GA chair." <roessler@does-not-exist.org> wrote: -----

To: Joe Sims <jsims@JonesDay.com>, Eric Dierker <ERIC@hi-tek.com>, Jeff Field <jfield@aaaq.com>, Jim Fleming <JimFleming@ameritech.net>
From: "List monitor and GA chair." <roessler@does-not-exist.org>
Date: 08/18/2002 09:00AM
cc: ga@dnso.org, GA List Monitoring <ga-abuse@dnso.org>
Subject: [Monitor & Chair] Reminder and Final Warnings: Sims, Dierker, Field, Fleming

Dear all,

during the last two days, the list climate has deteriorated
dramatically. This is a reminder to all participants that this is a
forum with rules:

The following rules apply to content of messages on the GA list:
- The messages must be relevant to the business of the GA
- The messages must observe a minimum of decorum, including:
- Not indulging in personal attacks, insults or slander
- Not using offensive language

- If the GA Chair or a list monitor asks for a limit to the number
of posts per person per day, this must be respected

- The size of messages should be kept reasonable (there should be a
VERY good reason to send a message of more than 10 Kbytes).

(from http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2000.GA-ga-rules.html)

We hope that we can quickly return to a GA list where all
participants respect this set of rules and stop all personal attacks
and insults *IMMEDIATELY*. Those people who keep disrespecting these
rules -- a minimum of decorum -- will be put under moderation, as a
mild form of what's suggested in the blueprint for reform.

This warning is directed in particular at the following people:

-- JOE SIMS for personal attacks ("hoping to rescue an otherwise
unimpressive career by finding a niche where you can be
perceived as the expert";"Junk like the stuff you post";
"the real sneers here from serious people are reserved for
folks like you")

-- ERIC DIERKER for personal attacks ("self aggrandizing jackass")
and offensive language ("shitty advice")

-- JEFF FIELD for offensive personal attacks ("arrogant asshole")

-- JIM FLEMING for breaking the posting limit (Jim Fleming has
recently received warnings for off-topic postings; this is
the last warning)

Please don't reply to this message. Thank you!

Alexander Svensson Thomas Roessler
(List Monitor) (Chair)
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