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Re[2]: [ga] WLS done deal

Since NetSol has most of the expired domain names to be deleted, and
since SNAP appears to be a bedfellow of NetSol/Registry, and since
SNAP and NetSol/Registry are intent upon the WLS proposal, and since
there is not a policy or procedure as mentioned in 3.7.5 of the RAA,
and since no one monitors NetSol/Registry, can we at least "dream"
about the "possibility" of some hanky-pank?

There is certainly a profit motive, but there are a lot of other
things wrong with this picture, as well. The most glaring "wrong
thing" is that this Assembly does not have the leadership, purpose,
mission or agenda to do anything.

Even when the majority favors a work group, the Chair dictatorially
kills it on the basis of procedure. If people want to work on a
proposal to submit to the Assembly for consensus, what could possibly
be wrong with letting them pursue that mission? The Assembly doesn't
have to accept it, but, on the other hand, it may be a product which
the Assembly can support. Of course, we will never know, when those
efforts are thwarted/prevented.  Is this an Assembly of peers with
common interests or is this a Dictatorship?

I joined this Assembly at the suggestion of WXW, primarily to oppose
the WLS proposal, but also in an effort to do something for the common
good. It is disappointing to find that this Assembly is an Assembly in
name only and that a lot of the traffic on this list is aimed at
character assignations, personality conflicts and flame wars, as
opposed to what I expected -- an Assembly aimed at getting things
accomplished in the best interest of all of us and the Registrants.

For those incumbents reading this message and thinking about how we
can kill this kid who threatens our sand pile, don't fret. I have my
plate piled full most all of the time -- I am writing this, in fact,
after 9 p.m. and I'm still at work. Therefore, y'all "sand pile
threatened" don't have to worry about me being a participant so very
much longer.  I just don't have the time for nonsense and noise.

When I was Div VP for CSC, I never told anyone what to do.
Conversely, I always asked them what they thought we should do.  We
made a lot of money and there wasn't one year when I didn't get the
max of my bonus.  I wasn't me - it was the people who had a vested
interest and a "want to."  Nuff said.


Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 7:48:13 PM, William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info> wrote:
WXW> No, Sotiris, Netsol is an affiliate of Snapnames, and is offering
WXW> their backorder "snapback" service, as do many registrars.

WXW> It's not the WLS.  Snapnames is competing for the names at the
WXW> Registry drop with the others who offer these services.

WXW> Wednesday, Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 8:34:22 PM, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:

>>>From the Verisign/Netsol Registrar's page:

>> "Is the domain name you want already taken? If so, like
>> hundreds of thousands every month, it may soon expire and
>> become available again. You can now "back-order" your name
>> with SnapBack™

>> When you Back-Order a name:  SnapBack will monitor the
>> name around the clock, "24/7", so you don't have to. If it
>> becomes available during the next year, SnapBack will
>> attempt to acquire the name for you the millisecond it
>> becomes available. SnapBack is the best chance in the
>> industry to acquire the name automatically. The cost of a
>> successful registration is included in the $69 price. If
>> the original registrant renews, or we were otherwise not
>> able to register the name, you can transfer your
>> subscription to a new name without cost."

>> So, it seems the WLS has been implemented.

>> Question:  Who (if anyone) would be better informed about
>> the "millisecond" of domain availability than the
>> Registry?  

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