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Re: [ga] FYI: Posting limit

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002 21:25:13 +0100, Alexander Svensson
<alexander@svensson.de> wrote:

>The GA Chair continues the posting limit which has
>previously been in place: *FIVE* postings per person and
>calendar day, calculated according to the sender's
>local time.

Can I suggest that we have a number of standing exceptions to this to
save debate when and if it arises.

1) The DNSO Secretariat (can't imagine they'll ever have more than
five announcements a day but ridiculous to limit it if there are)
2) The GA Chair and Alt Chair in their official capacities.  To do
their role properly they have to respond in a timely manner to
requests, suggestions, feedback and while I am sure they will try and
do this within five posts a day I don't think it will be productive to
have complaints against them if they ever go over this.  The fact they
can't judge themselves makes it even more sense to list them as
exceptions.  If they are mis behaving we have the power of recall
3) Candidates for election.  During the period between closing of
nominations and closing of voting candidates should be able to exceed
the limit, as has normally been done on an ad hoc basis in the past

Note I do not suggest any of the above be exempt from the rules about
being on topic, no personal attacks etc.

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