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Re: [ga] WLS done deal

In a message dated 1/23/2002 7:54:37 PM Central Standard Time, 
william@wxsoft.info writes:

<< No, Sotiris, Netsol is an affiliate of Snapnames, and is offering
 their backorder "snapback" service, as do many registrars.
 It's not the WLS.  Snapnames is competing for the names at the
 Registry drop with the others who offer these services. >>

Netsol is Network Solutions , 100% owned subsidiary of Verisign and 
approximately 22% of the Netsol stock (common B)  is owned by SAIC (with 
voting rights in trust to Verisign).  Network Solutions was previously owned 
by SAIC and Verisign paid approximately 23 billion for Network Solutions.

The Network Solutions stock went from under $10 to $247.50 (apx).  If I 
remember right the IPO was at $18.   SAIC and SAIC venture capital dumped the 
stock at $247.50 and top executives pocketed millions. 

At one point, SAIC was facing an anti-trust case and to the best of my 
knowledge it was later dropped.

The Verisign stock went from $53 in Oct, 1999 to $253 in Feb 2000 and you can 
guess who made the big bucks.  

Enron should have taken a few lessons from them  :)   There are a lot of 
similarities.  Privatization of national resourses for one. 

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