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Re: [ga] FYI: Posting limit

At 15:39 24/01/02 +1300, DPF wrote:

>1) The DNSO Secretariat (can't imagine they'll ever have more than
>five announcements a day but ridiculous to limit it if there are)
>2) The GA Chair and Alt Chair in their official capacities.  To do
>their role properly they have to respond in a timely manner to
>requests, suggestions, feedback and while I am sure they will try and
>do this within five posts a day I don't think it will be productive to
>have complaints against them if they ever go over this.  The fact they
>can't judge themselves makes it even more sense to list them as
>exceptions.  If they are mis behaving we have the power of recall
>3) Candidates for election.  During the period between closing of
>nominations and closing of voting candidates should be able to exceed
>the limit, as has normally been done on an ad hoc basis in the past
>Note I do not suggest any of the above be exempt from the rules about
>being on topic, no personal attacks etc.

Very sensible exceptions.


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