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[ga] FYI: Posting limit

Dear GA members,

as announced before and after the Chair election, the
posting limit will again be enforced. To those of you
who are new to this list, please take the time to
read what this is about:

The GA is a mailing list with rules. These rules have
been established by a vote of the GA itself. You can
find them at

The following rules apply to the content of messages on the GA list:
- The messages must be relevant to the business of the GA
- The messages must observe a minimum of decorum, including:
   - Not indulging in personal attacks, insults or slander
   - Not using offensive language
- If the GA Chair or a list monitor asks for a limit to the number of posts
   per person per day, this must be respected
- The size of messages should be kept reasonable (there should be a VERY good
   reason to send a message of more than 10 Kbytes).

The GA Chair continues the posting limit which has
previously been in place: *FIVE* postings per person and
calendar day, calculated according to the sender's
local time.

Please make sure that you comply with this limit -- also
in cases where you are responding to multiple recipients
or lists. The list rules are enforced by the list
monitor (email: ga-abuse@dnso.org), and according to
the established GA list rules, posting rights can
temporarily be suspended.

Thomas and Alexander 

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