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Re: [ga] Straw Poll on Working Group

Assembly, Patrick, 

On Sunday 20 January 2002 3:44 pm, Patrick Corliss wrote:
> So far, it looks as if almost everyone is opposed to VeriSign's WLS
> proposal except the staff of VeriSign and SnapNames themselves.

I have yet to see objections to my conclusions on points of consensus, I 
suggest if they not arise in a reasonable timeframe, these could be worded in 
an  "official" GA opinion on the WLS proposal.

> There also seems to be reasonable support for the idea of setting up a WG
> on domain name registration systems.  However, some seemed to prefer that
> this be done by the NC rather than the GA itself.  I think this is creating
> an unnecessary obstacle to our self-determination.

It should not have to be an obstacle, but proves to be one, howevre i am sure 
that with one e-mail from the chair on behalf of the GA this could be 
settled, yet would that not give room to a workgroup "outside" the GA, where 
as whta i have in mind is a workgroup from and for the GA, simply drafting 
possibly consensus carrying documents representing the opinion of the GA.
Since the GA decides in debate and vote about accepibility of such (a) 
draft(s) the group would be finely controlled by the GA.

> I haver extracted most of the relevant comments below.  Unfortunately, I
> could not interpret the views of some people (such as Kent Crispin) who
> chose not to respond to the straw poll.
> As a few people have expressed strong views, I'd say we need further
> clarification.  It does look as if consensus is that any working group
> should be open to all comers.
> I therefore propose we amend the poll as follows:
> In relation to setting up a Open Working Group on domain name registration
> systems to address the problems associated with transfers, expirations and
> deletions.
In favor of an open working group set up by the GA on its own behalf   [X]
In favor of an open working group set up by the NC at the Chair's request[  ]
Opposed to any sort of working group however constituted  [  ]

Of couse i am in favor, what did you expect :P

> I understand that some are opposed to the whole idea of having a straw poll
> but there is no other way for the Chair to determine the wishes of the GA
> membership.

Well in my opinion there is enough support to start, but i guess that this 
straw poll, (repeated)  is one that can carry some weight in that decision, 
I therefore urge those who are either in favor or opposed to vote and if you 
do so in public, it is very easy to "keep tabs" for everyone.

Might i suggest a plus or minus a few hours timeframe of 24 hours on this 
poll? seeing the "urgency" ?
And for those wondering what the outline (for starters) would be for such a 
workgroup, i again refer to the posting by Ross at :


with regards

abel wisman

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