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[ga] Re: Resellers or Individuals --- Which Sandpit to Play In ??

On 17:59 18/01/02 -0800, William X Walsh, wxsoft said:
>Friday, Friday, January 18, 2002, 5:52:56 PM, Patrick Corliss wrote:
> > The point being made is that a number of OpenSRS resellers have joined 
> IDNO to
> > support your opposition to Joop.
>To my knowledge, no one joined the IDNO to support me, and I've never
>asked anyone to join the IDNO to support me and my views.


>Joop can't say the same.  If I wanted to dominate the IDNO with
>supporters, that option has been open to me.
>  Unlike Joop, I haven't
>gone out recruiting people to support me and my positions in the IDNO.

The substantive point being made, William, is that the supply siders should 
not be allowed to set the agenda for the demand siders.

In other words, spend your energy forming a separate party in the IDNO or a 
DN resellers constituency.
In the meantime try knocking on the door of the biz constituency or the 

Work to build, not to vandalize.


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