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Re: [ga] WLS - Better Margins for Registrars

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Eric Schneider wrote:

> It's common for anything new to get bashed by an existing system that
> perceives the new as threatening or disruptive.  This seems to be the case
> for the WLS proposal.  It is my opinion that the community is over reacting
> to this proposal.  Though, I as 'Joe Consumer', have less at stake than most
> of the other comments and postings that are representative of competing
> registrars, I do have respect for those who have voiced opposition to the
> proposal by default, but yet remain open minded that there may be further
> serious consideration if the WLS proposal is tweaked or fine tuned.

Eric, one question: if you are a consumer then why is the domain name
associated with your email address that of a registrar?

                               Patrick Greenwell
                     Stealthgeeks,LLC. Operations Consulting

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