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Re: [ga] Re: The GA -- A Respected Forum ?

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002 10:41:02 +0100, Thomas Roessler wrote:
> On 2002-01-14 10:43:27 +1100, Patrick Corliss wrote:
> >Have a look around.  When did you last see a post from any of the
> >respected participants other than Chuck Gomes who was arguing for
> >VeriSign's WLS proposal?
> Oh, I saw posts from Bret Fausett, from Ross Rader, from Elliot
> Noss, and from quite a few other individuals from the
> registrar/registry communities.  In fact, an interim version of last
> week's summary I produced on Thursday was already longer than the
> summary for the first week of this year.

I have been on the GA mailing list since early 2000.  That's nearly two years.
The first posting that I have ever seen from from Elliot Noss was on [ga-full]
on 8 January 2002 as follows:


AFAICT, other newcomers to the list include Hugh Blair, Abel Wisman, George
Kirikos, Spy Productions, Harold Whiting, Genie Livingstone, Steven Heath,
Peter Girard, Bill@Daze, Ron Wiener, Larry Erlich, Don Brown, Matthew Pemble,
dotsplash, Joyce Lin, Les Bayles, Lee Hodgson, Kai Schaetzl and Paul Stahura.

Most of their postings are cross-posted with [icann-delete] and quite a few
postings do not appear on [ga] but only on [ga-full].  This suggests that they
are not all subscribed to the GA mailing list but have simply hit "reply all".

Those who have posted to [ga] are Don Brown, Abel Wisman, Matthew Pemble,
George Kirikos, Harold Whiting, Genie Livingstone, Elliot Noss, Steven Heath
and Dave Warren (9 persons).  They, at least, are now subscribed.

In fact the whole thread started with a posting from Rick H. Wesson on 4
January 2002 under the name "VGRS Wait List" as follows:


But it really took of with the reply from Ross Wm. Rader on the same day.
This was cross-posted between [ga] and the the OpenSRS [discuss] list
where he wrote:

> I would also like to hear more from all of you concerning what you think
> about the NSI proposal - feel free to continue with the discussion here or
> within the ICANN General Assembly mailing list as you see fit.


On Mon, 7 Jan 2002 22:38:09 -0500, Ross Wm. Rader pushed it along a bit:
Subject: [ga] Fw: [icann-delete] Proposal: Registry Re-circulation System

> Ron asked me to pass this on to the Registrars list for the benefit of those
> that aren't subscribed to the ICANN-Delete list. I've taken the liberty of
> posting this additionally to GA and discuss-list - apologies to those that
> receive all four copies.


Of course, Ross Wm. Rader is a long-time member of the [ga] mailing list.
However, he is also an OpenSRS / Tucows executive officer.

On OpenSRS [discuss] list you will find Don Brown, Elliot Noss, Kai Schaetzl,
bill@daze,  George Kirikos, Abel Wisman, Harold Whiting, Genie Livingstone,
Dave Warren, Lee Hodgson, Spy Productions and Hugh Blair.

My guess is that they are all OpenSRS resellers.  Ron Wiener is, of course,
SnapNames, the Verisign partner.

On the ICANN website you there are very many accredited registrars.

Apart from Verisign itself, all of the posting to [ga] have been from just one
of these viz. OpenSRS.  I would refute, therefore, your implication that we
are getting a representative sample of registrars.  All we have is OpenSRS

In fact, the true situation supports my contention that the GA is NOT
representative of a wide range of geographic, industry, non-commercial or even
individual views.

That's not to say I don't welcome input from people like Abel Wisman who has
quickly grasped the inherent problems within the General Assembly forum.

> What I want is more of that stuff.  And less of the procedural
> discussions you seem to like so much.

I'm sorry that you have missed the point.  That is that the General Assembly
is not capable of providing effective domain name policy input to ICANN.

At least in the present environment !!

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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