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Re[5]: [ga] Using the Sub-Lists

Wednesday, January 09, 2002, 7:46:26 PM, William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info> wrote:

WXW> Thursday, Thursday, January 10, 2002, 1:40:16 AM, abel wrote:

>> Assembly,

>> I think after this mail it is about the time I want to emphasize that mr.
>> Walsh, in those instances where he speaks on behalf of the congregation,
>> does NOT speak on my behalf, and his opinion is rarely shared by me, if
>> ever.

WXW> Oh Abel, please show me where i ever claimed to speak on your behalf.

WXW> Don't buy into the Fud, Abel, just stick to the issues.  There is a
WXW> history here, this is part of that disfunctionality I told you all on
WXW> the OpenSRS discuss list that you would have to ignore when I
WXW> suggested you come here to discuss this.

William, geeze. I know they p*$$ you off and I know where you are
coming from, but get out of this mud slinging mode.  It's just not

Rise above these magots.  Make them come to your level -- don't go
fighting down in their latrine -- for C*rist sake.  Make them get a
f*ck*ng ladder.

Have pride -- be a marine :-))  Tell them to F*ck off, without having
to say it.

P.S.  My Dad was a Marine DI.  I was a Boy Scout.  I already knew about
boot camp, and beyond -- One could say I was an educated un-Marine
:-))  When girls got important, I was an un-Boy Scout, too. :-))

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