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Re: [ga] WG-Delete

I do not get it,

I have never suggested moving any discussion.  You have decried your hatred
me many times.  You have oft stated to filter me.  As of this writing my
post contained
herein has not been sent to you and has not been resolved on any list.

I have suggested and it as been accepted that we could, by forming a WG
have input
into VRSNs' mindset before implementing their new Waiting list Service.

A WG cannot work and formulate opinion and consensus on a list with other
restrictions and agendas.  We have no time to develop a formal process.

Here is the agenda;

Propose and submit questions to VRSN regarding their implementation of the
and technical problems, by 1/14.  (expect feedback)
1/14 proceed with case histories of problems and suggest solutions until
1/24 to 1/28 discuss solutions, objections and alternatives.
1/28 reach consensus and draft and deliver by end of month.
{perfectionists will have to be adjustable as time will not permit it}

Adjustable of course.  I will start the group but will have no role after
72 hours of our first

It will be a one man show with no other contribution if everyone wishes, in
which case I will
try and draw from the other lists and do my best and relate no interest to
have a consensus
on the matter.

Another thanks to Chuck Gomes for allowing this to proceed and being our
advocate and
liason within his company.


William X Walsh wrote:

> Wednesday, Wednesday, January 09, 2002, 6:57:33 PM, Eric Dierker wrote:
> > Please do not confuse authority and freedom.
> > We in this free place have the right and freedom to;
> > Assemble - form a working group,
> > Free speech - say what we believe is right within parameters,
> > Press - publish our findings.
> > Now there as been a lot of hullabaloo about using a sublist to form a
> > WG-delete
> Eric, let's drop this, ok?  The discussion is already on this list,
> moving it to another list will not benefit anyone, nor will it may the
> discussion any more relevant or any more organized.
> The discussion is ongoing, all this talk about moving it is just
> wasting more time and effort for everyone.
> The discussion is on the GA@DNSO.org mailing list, let's leave it
> there.
> --
> Best regards,
> William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>
> --

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