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[ga] stability/verisign proposal


Now if we take the GA as a function of the DNSO;

If we assume that stability combined with security and accessibility are

If we want people to be able to rely upon a given set of standards that
allow them
to rely upon the rights to use domain names and create a value in them
by hard work
ingenuity and enterprise;

Then these decision regarding these matters must be left to us.  Or
something that makes the
decisions with common good in mind.

Under contract with the DoC VRSN is operating a public trust, they do
not get just to make
decisions that effect the public without consultation - excuse me I mean
they should not.

All things working right these matters should be decided here and passed
to the NC and forwarded
to the BoD and incorporated into a contract with VRSN.

OTOH at least we are creating a public record with fine input here.

However as long as we operate politics by cadre here I do not see any
impact out of our missives.


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