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[ga] Openness and Transparency

Every WTO, GTA and BTA deal has provision for openness and transparency.

However the GA elections are held in secret by cadres.

I endorsed two candidates but I revoke that due to their apparent
desire to do election matters in private.

This is wrong and makes the GA a laughing stock.

If this is truly how the GA operates then the NC and BoD and Staff are
in ignoring it and it's leaders.

How can we as members of the great world wide democratic movement
behind the scene deal making and vote getting.

Show me one post on list by the candidates in the last 20 days!!!

But I guarantee they have been posting privately in order to garner
That is wrong!

And two of the candidates openly declare their inability to do the job

This sickness cannot be funded by anyone with a conscience.

Oh I am sorry you want research and reference, see;


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