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Re: [ga] Archives of VeriSign's Domain Policy Mailing List

Patrick Corliss wrote:

> So let me ask you whether we can restore the archives.

Methinks this archive should be made available somewhere. I don't understand
why you feel it is necessary to ask permission. Are there any volunteers to
host it?

> We could, I'm sure, exclude the offending posts which caused the list to be
> closed down in the first place.

I wasn't on that list and don't know what those posts contain.

However, if there's any doubt at all about whether suppressing them is justified,
I'd say include them in the archive.

> I have 5,000 postings stored as follows:
> DOMAIN-POLICY@LISTS.INTERNIC.NET    19 May 2000 to 10 Aug 2000
> DOMAIN-POLICY@LISTS.NETSOL.COM     12 Aug 2000 to 25 May 2001
> I know a person who has postings going back to 1999.  I'm sure others have
> more comprehensive archives (not to mention VeriSign's own records).
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