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Re: [ga] Just published: "The dummies guide to turning human tragedy to political advantage"

Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:

> I think the 40 billion George W. and Co. got should suffice, especially when one
> figures in the insurance monies etc..  The ALSO and the Red Cross are two very
> different things Mike, let's not confuse the two please.

lets face it, we are forgetting about the subject at hand on this mailing
list... lol

I have close ties to NYC as well, half my family comes from there, my sister
and mother both born there. My family is fine, however some friends' families
are not fine, and this is sad. We grieve. 

I was originally supposed to be in NYC this month - I have postponed my trip to
the Christmas holidays. However, I WILL go to New York City!! I will not let
fear stop me. Living in fear is a living death, it is something I will not
allow myself to do. 

The vast majority of us are still here. And we must go on with our normal
lives, with more determination than ever before. (that includes the business at
hand on this list) 

Paralysis in our daily lives is exactly what terrorists want to achieve. We
cannot allow that to happen. 

(and obviously, what some here are trying to take advantage of... *frowns

take care, Robin
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