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[ga] Just published: "The dummies guide to turning human tragedy topolitical advantage"

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  • Subject: [ga] Just published: "The dummies guide to turning human tragedy topolitical advantage"
  • From: Joanna Lane <jo-uk@rcn.com>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 03:44:29 -0400
  • CC: Mike Roberts <mmr@darwin.ptvy.ca.us>
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*    From: Mike Roberts <mmr@darwin.ptvy.ca.us>
*    Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 21:23:56 -0700


At the time, going on three weeks ago, I had in mind something like
US $100 from several thousand individuals who actually were willing
to put their money where their mouth was about having a functioning
At Large organization.

Today, that idea is out the window, along with a lot of other
populist notions about any old terrorist around the globe getting to
vote on how to run the DNS.

When civilization takes a step backward, as it did last week, it
usually means a period in which the people with the guns make the
decisions.  Anyone watching the American President on tv in recent
days knows that's where we're at.  It may be a while before the
luxury of debating what constitutes consensus in a terrorist-less
society returns.

If you were thinking about contributing to an ICANN ALSO, send it to
the Red Cross instead.

- Mike


Hello Mike,

Excuse me? Unless I am very much mistaken, the implication here is that
there should not now be a functioning ALSO because "any old terrorist" would
disguise themselves as an honest, law abiding citizen, then capture the
bottom-up consensus building mechanism. In case you hadn't noticed,
terrorists do not vote, they throw bombs, and they avoid any form of
democratic process. The implication that there should not now be a
functioning ALSO until the USA rids the world of terrorism is equally
laughable. Terrorism is nothing new, and however many guns are thrown at it,
it will always exist in one insidious form or another. To try to turn this
catastrophic tragedy to political advantage, by citing it as a reason to
delay the implementation of democratic control over an autocratic entity,
suggests that somebody needs a serious reality check, or is sick, or both.



P.S. We don't need to debate what constitutes consensus. There is a
mechanism in place already.

The URLs for Best Practices: DNSO Citation:
(Under "Other Information Documents"; "August 2001:
Proposal for Best Practices for the DNSO GA")
Part I: 
Part II: 
(Access to the .pdf file requires installing the Adobe Acrobat
Reader, which is available for free down load at

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