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Re: [ga] the NC takes the next step

At 01:18 AM 6/6/01 -0400, Joanna Lane wrote:

>The argument to that is that there is a fundamental conflict of interest for
>the ccTLDSO to represent both themselves and their client. If the ccTLDs
>represent 244 countries and each has 1 vote on an issue, how many votes do
>registrants have? The balance of power has to be created by a separate SO
>for registrants, so that the ccTLDSO vote and the RegsitrantSO is
>commensurate, one vote each. I would like to hear from the ccTLDs on this

People might assume that all of the ccTLD manager's actions have full 
support of the local community, which is not always the case. I agree that 
the voice of the individuals within the ccTLD should be heard as well.

As an example, I've come across an unconfirmed report that during the ccTLD 
managers meeting in Stockholm. the .PH ccTLD manager proposed a change in 
the ccTLD best practices draft so instead of it saying that the manager has 
a duty to "consult with the community" he has proposed this be changed to 
something like "consult with the community but not be constrained to follow 
the community or get consensus" or something to that effect. This is quite 
an alarming development if true, and I'd be interested to verify if this 
was in fact raised during a discussion of ccTLD best practices. Are there 
any minutes to the ccTLD meetings posted on line?

jim ayson / jim@philmusic.com

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