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Re: [ga] the NC takes the next step

on 6/5/01 9:22 PM, Joop Teernstra at terastra@terabytz.co.nz wrote:

> At 11:03 5/06/01 +0200, Jefsey Morfin wrote:
>> Will the ccTLDs attend?
> Since they have decided to withdraw from the DNSO , I doubt it.
> But if they want to become an SO in their own right, they may well decide
> on some form of DN holder representation from within their own customer base.
> It would do much for their credibility as a country-oriented "shadow DNSO".

The argument to that is that there is a fundamental conflict of interest for
the ccTLDSO to represent both themselves and their client. If the ccTLDs
represent 244 countries and each has 1 vote on an issue, how many votes do
registrants have? The balance of power has to be created by a separate SO
for registrants, so that the ccTLDSO vote and the RegsitrantSO is
commensurate, one vote each. I would like to hear from the ccTLDs on this


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