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Re: [ga] Re: [I CAN][PUBLIC-PRIVATE]Open Mic

At 17:40 3/06/01 -0400, vint cerf wrote:
>I will by happy to read this question in the public forum tomorrow.


I very much appreciate the very fact that you post in this Assembly.
While you are at it, :-)  ,
I posted the following on-line question twice, but was perhaps a bit late 
in the comments period. I am not blaming anyone here.
I will post it for a third time today, but I would appreciate it not only 
it will be read out, but also answered.

Joop Teernstra (IDNO)
DNSO constituencies

In Berlin , the ICANN Board refused to consider the petition that was 
presented for the creation of an Individual Domain Name Holders' constituency.
In Santiago and Yokohama, again, it chose to defer the question.
As a result, this constituency in-spe never got to hear what requirements 
would need to be fulfilled for the Board to approve it.

Further self-organizing needs to take place.
Much has taken place already.
Now at this point, to progress any further, prospective organizers and 
members want to know if they are not wasting their time.

Can the Board recognize an Individuals Constituency IN PRINCIPLE this time 

Founder of the Cyberspace Association.
Former bootstrap of the IDNO (www.idno.org)
Developer of    The Polling Booth

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