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[ga] Re: [I CAN][PUBLIC-PRIVATE]Open Mic


I will by happy to read this question in the public forum tomorrow.


>Directors and fellow GA members:
>Considering the amount of money generated and exchanged within, and about, the domain name market and industry, will the ontological status of domain names be legally established anytime
>in the near future?  Are domain names property or not?  If so, what kind of property, and whose?
>thank you.
>BTW: Exactly one 1/2 hour for public comments?  That is quite simply outrageous.  Considering the amount of time the commercials for Tucows and RealNames got in the last couple days, I
>think this is a totally ludicrous gesture, don't you?  Why bother?  

I agree it was not enough and I am going to work on increasing the time for public participation.

>Sotiris Sotiropoulos
>        Hermes Network, Inc.

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