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[ga] Re: UPDATE: Open Mic Period Rescheduled to 6/4/01 9AM

News from Ben, that there will be a chance to submit comments tomorrow (see 
My only comment, besides the compliments to Ben + the Berkman Center for a 
job well done once again (that I have seen this time from the other side of 
the Web camera), is that when addressing an international audience the US 
format for dates should be avoided.
When you say "6/4/01" in the subject line, you really mean "2001-06-04", I 
believe ;>)


>In light of this evening's extended discussion of other topics, the Open 
>Mic time (previously scheduled for 5:00-6:00pm on 6/3) has been rescheduled 
>to tomorrow morning, 6/4, at 9am.
>The revised schedule for June 4 is as follows:
>8:30 to 8:55 - At Large Study Committee, Progress Report by Chair
>9:00 to 9:30 - Open Microphone (public comments on all topics)
>9:30         - ICANN Board Meeting (delayed half an hour)
>Ben Edelman
>Berkman Center for Internet & Society
>Harvard Law School

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