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Re: [ga] Re: Privacy/WHOIS

Jeff Williams wrote:

Eric wrote;
  I guess what we really have to ask ourselves is why doesn't ICANN just do it right? The

> > only explanation I can come up with is that they don't want to do it right.
>   Or they don't know HOW to "Do it right"!  Which ever the reason(s)
> is/are, it is obvious in the extreme that this current ICANN BoD and staff
> isn't doing it right, ergo, not abiding by the White Paper and the MoU,
> thereby in stark violation of their own bylaws and contract with DOC/NTIA.

No Jeff, no rational man can come to that conclusion with all the input the WG-REVIEW gave them.
You must consider Karls' input on the board.  You must consider the highly paid staff of, at least
I believe, Ivory league type lawyers.  The boardsquatter situation is direct evidence of intention
and not negligence.  The recent testimony before congress subcommittees, is both evidence of
knowledge of the correct way to handle the matters and evidence of directly trying to cover up
past improprieties.

We have had this conversation before, I want ICANN to succeed.  As you well know I have put
hundreds of hours trying to raise awareness of Outreach, Education and Multilingualism matters. I
perceive that we must build that structure in order to allow ICANN to use it and thereby fulfill
the requirements of the white paper, and thereby save itself.

If any group wants to save ICANN they can give the WG-REVIEW enough money to formulate a program,
lobby the board, to impliment it and start increasing internetstakeholders participation to a
level where the legitimacy of ICANN cannot be denied, absent that the RICO scenario is inevitable.


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