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[ga] Re: Privacy/WHOIS


Thanks for your email.  There are two committees with very similar titles, but
they are very different.

The Names Council WHOIS Committee is not due to start it's work of soliciting
comments on the WHOIS issue until the ICANN Staff WHOIS Committee publishes its
report, which is due out in about two weeks.

There are no archives of the WHOIS Staff Committee, but please be assured one
thing the NC members want to ensure is that all interested parties have the
opportunity to present position papers and for peer review/comment on those
position papers.  When we have the web site set-up and the comment (and archive)
mechanism in place I urge all GA members to submit opinions/positions. If the GA
would like to start preparing its position paper that would be most welcome.

Once the consensus areas have been identified, and the areas where more work is
necessary established, the NC WHOIS Committee will submit a report to the full
NC - who will then form either a Task Force or a Working Group to address the
issues where more attention is necessary.

I'll write to you and the GA when we the mechanisms in place and are about to
start inviting papers and soliciting comments.

Thanks again....

Paul Kane
Chair NC WHOIS Committee
(not the ICANN Staff WHOIS Committee !!)

"babybows.com" wrote:

> Dear Paul,
> As the issue of privacy is of great concern to many members of the General
> Assembly, I, and assuredly many others, would be grateful for the
> opportunity to participate in your WHOIS Committee activities.
> Unfortunately for those of us interested in pursuing this issue, there seems
> to be some difficulty finding any public archives listed that record your
> committee's dialogue on this topic.  I am assuming (perhaps incorrectly)
> that you communicate via a mailing list, and that such archives are
> available for public review.  If you could advise the URL, it would be most
> helpful and sincerely appreciated.
> Fortunately, I have been able to find the preliminary report of your
> committee (13 Dec 2000)
> http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/council/Arc04/msg00571.html which states:
> "Objective of this Report
> This initial effort aims at evaluating whether it is proper for ICANN
> staff to set up the Whois Committee through lack of consultation
> process with other relevant interest parties which has brought up
> criticisms such as lack of openess and its transparent procedural flaw."
> Can you perhaps provide an update?   It would be nice to know if your
> initial objective has been met.   Have you reached conclusions with regard
> to the ICANN staff issues?  It has been now almost four months since the
> release of your report... may I ask if you have moved on to policy
> considerations?  If so, might you briefly summarize those considerations?
> It is my belief that many members of the General Assembly are more than
> willing to assist the Committee in its efforts to deal with the Privacy
> issue as it relates to WHOIS.  I for one would certainly welcome the
> opportunity to participate in a working group devoted to this topic.  Can
> you advise if you are willing to convene such a working group?
> Thanking you for your assistance,
> Danny Younger

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